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The Ackley Homestead Project The most important function this website can offer is to provide a place to read about your ancestors, see their images and share what you have with the rest of us. Much of what you see here is focused on the earliest, most reliable and documented part of the Ackley Family tree. The branch begins with Daniel Ackley and his wife, Sarah Price Parker Ackley. in the mid 1700’s. A good deal of effort has been made to highlight the Joshua Ackley Homestead, the Ackley Bridge and its dedication at Geenfield Village in Dearborn, Michigan. A number of pages have been reserved to illustrate those structures and family members involved in their construction. The Daniel/Sarah branch incorporates hundreds of descendants. Generations later many tree members no longer share the  Ackley name because of marriages along the way. Nonetheless, these descendants are just as much a part of this branch as those who still carry the name. Together, we are all cousins, aunts, uncles, grandmothers, grandfathers - and we all share the same heritage. To all those out there looking for Ackley family history, this might be a good place to stop, grab a cup of coffee, and read a little about where you came from.
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Contact information is: ackley@ackleyhomestead.com Thank you - Mark Wilson Ackley , Carl E. Speckman
The Story - A Monument - A Covered Bridge - A Home - Our Ackley Heritage On these pages we will peel back some of the years so you can see how the Joshua Ackley farm has evolved. You will read about the people on your family tree who lived on the property and raised their families. You will see photos of some of them, read newspaper clipping about the famous Ackley Covered Bridge that Joshua Ackley, Daniel Clouse,  and his neighbors built in the middle 1800's. For many of us, this property is the earliest structure that bears the family name. We have relatives who farmed the land, sawed the wood, and planted the food they ate - right here on the Homestead. Perhaps one of your ancestors who lived nearby visited the farm and shared conversation over lunch with the Ackleys. As the web site develops we will add information from our family archives. We also ask for your photos and documents so they might be shared here with other family members. This all will help bring the family tree back to life. It will also illustrate the importance of the Homestead and the reason it must be saved. The People There are many names associated with the property including Daniel Ackley, his wife Sarah Price Parker Ackley for whom the monument was erected out in front of the home. We will try to add the history of these people to a biographical section so that you can find ancestors in your tree. The Ackley family, along with many other family branches, are already practicing genealogists and family historians. They have spent many years gathering and inheriting information and photographs I hope we can share here on this site. Together, we can discover hidden parts of your family tree. The Images One of the jobs this web site will try to undertake is to illustrate the family members, the Johsua Ackley farm, the property, and the people involved in this branch of the family. Photographs can tell a story no words can accomplish. We ask for your contributions to these efforts so that a full view of our past can be shown and shared. Contribute what you can from your albums and scrapbooks.
A New Beginning When this web site was constructed its aim was to rescue the Joshua Ackley Homestead. Now that the homestead has been sold the focus will be the Daniel/Sarah Ackley side of the family tree. The site will continue to change as additions are made and family members contribute their unique photos and stories.
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Latest Updates House / Grounds Covered Bridge Furniture / Artifacts Important People Video Vault Genealogy Ackley vs Ackley Historic Clippings Photo Galleries Mysteries Cemeteries Unknown Photos Letís talk a little about Sharing... The only way this website will grow is by sharing information you have in your family album, like your news clippings, and your family stories. When you share your photos with us I will open our photo gallery to you. This will be a page where you can download higher resolution images you see on this website for your own scrapbook. As you share your images, I will post them on the site for you so that others can enjoy your family photos.  I have an extensive written genealogy from which I will expand certain sections. If you are interested in some part of this 200 page document, you can contact me through the email address shown on this page - and be prepared to share something we can use on the website. This exchange is necessary to grow the data base and expand what we all can access.
New Tree Charts - Do we have your Ackley Tree Branch? I have spent some time assembling tree charts for the various branches starting with Daniel. These are JPEG files that you can download and zoom in on. They represent the names documented by Adolphus W. Ackley Jr. when he put his genealogy book together for his kids. All of this was done without using the internet. The connections found in the tree were researched using snail mail and writing to your relatives - many of whom supplied their portion of the tree. Many trips to libraries, connections with genealogical resources and personal interviews have resulted in what is presented here. If you find a tree with a correction needed to be made please write to me. Additions are welcome. I will update the tree. Click the box below to reach the tree page.
A New Story by Forrest S. Ackley Click this link to go to a great new story just found that Forrest typed about early life at the Bridge near the turn of the century